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Learn The Secret Formula For Instantly Eliminating Knee Pain Without Drugs, Shots Or Surgery…Even If Everything Else You’ve Tried Hasn’t Worked!

So You Can Stop Thinking About Your Knees And Go Back To Living Your Normal Life!

Have you…

  • Gone to the doctor and found “NOTHING” is wrong with your knees, but they still hurt?
  • Ever get the feeling that there’s information about your knees being withheld?
  • Thought, somewhere, somehow there’s a solution to eliminating your knee pain that you just haven’t found out yet?
  • Tried all the creams, gels, braces, painkillers and shots only to find yourself frustrated, hopeless and angry with no solution in sight?

Are you…

  • Fed up with non-answers coming from the mouths of “professionals” why your knees hurt without providing a solution?
  • Exhausted of constantly thinking about your knees and dreading the next step you’ll have to take?
  • Frustrated that you have to plan your day around your knees hoping to make it through?

Do you secretly wish your knees could feel “normal” again like they did when you were younger?

According to The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, in 2011 over 600,000 knee replacement surgeries are done in the United States alone every year, with that trend expected to rise. Having chronic knee pain can feel very lonely, frightening and isolating place to be. Many times there is no end in sight feeling the pressure build in your body with each painful step you take. You begin to justify your pain by saying things like, “It’s not so bad today.” or “It’s been worse” or even better yet, “I can deal with it.”

No matter what age you are, chronic knee pain if left unchecked will result in a knee replacement surgery when you’re “old enough.” I found out this omnious fact when I was researching arthritis. “They” will usually say it starts with an injury when you’re young and then develops into arthritis when you’re older than it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need a knee replacement.


There is a little known program that enables ordinary Americans to eliminate the pain in their knees – 2 times – 3 times – even 4 times faster or more – beginning with only a little time set aside each day.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. For American’s suffering with knee pain for months or even years, it’s a dream come true.

I’m Bill Parravano, The Knee Pain Guru and I’m the best in the world at eliminating knee pain without drugs, shots or surgery.


I truly do appreciate your struggle. I’ve been in your same place and walked in your shoes, literally!

  • 4 knee dislocations from December 1998 to May 1999
  • Reconstructive ligament (ACL) surgery in my left knee – June 1999
  • 2 pieces of torn meniscus removed from left knee
  • 3 months of physical therapy to strengthen my leg

A firm handshake and a pat on the shoulder by Dr. Ellis (My orthopedic surgeon) in Sept of 1999 telling me there was nothing more they could do on their end.

Did I still have pain in my knee?


Did my body feel awful because I was still protecting my knee?



My hips and lower back felt like they were getting tighter by the moment.

I was clenching my jaw that gave me headaches and my shoulders were up by my ears.

I thought, “Now what?! This can’t be it! I’m 29 years old and I feel like shit!” I couldn’t play sports, especially Judo! My social life suffered because I could do the same things I did before my injury. My love life sucked because I couldn’t bend my knee. I didn’t even feel like I was human anymore.

I thought, “I’ve got to find a better solution out there even if I have to develop it myself.”

I get it, I really do get how you feel. The helplessness, loneliness, the isolation, the wishing for my life to be like it was before the injury. The frustration, the anger that border lined rage at myself, my knee, my situation, my life, my doctor, my physical therapist.

You name it was pissed off at it!

Thoughts got stuck in my head and nagged at me day and night.

I had questions like,

  • “Was I going to be stuck like this forever.”
  • “When will this ever stop?”
  • “Will this even letup?”
  • “What did I do to deserve this?”
  • “Why me?”

I wished I hadn’t gone skiing that day with Dr. Paul (1st knee dislocation!)

I wished I hadn’t gone to Judo in January (2nd knee dislocation!)

I wished I hadn’t accepted Michael’s invitation to play sand volleyball (3rd knee dislocation!)

And I really wished I hadn’t thrown that ball to first base! (4th knee dislocation!)


Then I thought, “Getting the surgery would be THE ANSWER.”


“That was the solution!” I said to myself,

“I’ll get the surgery, do the physical therapy and then I’ll be good to go!”

“It’s that damn ligament I tore that’s causing everything. I get that fixed and all my problems will be solved.”

That’s what I did. Had the surgery in June of ‘99. Dr. Ellis did a great job after all he’s the best of the best in Kentucky. The University of Louisville sports teams orthopedic surgeon.

Physical therapy was great too. Dr Ellis told me he’d give me a green light to stop PT and go back to Judo once my left leg had 80% of the strength as my right. The physical therapist had a special leg extension machine that measured the pounds of strength each leg could generate.

Pretty high tech.

I worked my ass off. Never missed an appointment.

Then the day came when my left leg hit 80% of the strength of my right.

I made the final appointment with Dr. Ellis. He examined my leg, did a few tests and said, “You’re good to go!” We’ll need to get you setup with the local Donjoy knee brace rep to get custom fitted for a brace so you can go back to judo.

“Huh?” I retorted, “but what about competing, running, my old life?”

Dr Ellis looked back at me, “You’re leg will never be the same again.”

I limped out of his office so dejected I almost couldn’t stand myself. I thought this was the finish line and I realized I hadn’t even started the race!

The pain drove me out of my mind. I wanted anything to make the pain stop. The worst part of it wasn’t the knee pain. It was in my head. The thoughts that came up were dark, very dark.

Crazy irrational things…

I remember taking the garbage out one morning and stopped on my way back into the house because my knee needed a break. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my driver’s license. On the back are the check boxes for organ donation just in case you get into a fatal car accident.

The doctors are then able to save your organs and use them for transplants to save another’s life. I was looking to see if there was a check box for “knee donations” as if I could get someone else’s knee to replace mine. I thought of the complications of the bones needing to be lined up and other difficulties that could arise…

I shook my head and cleared my thoughts realizing I needed to deal with my own knee situation and find a solution for myself because no one else was going to do it for me.

No one close to me understood me, they could only look on and be patient.

I didn’t know what I wanted or needed. I lashed out verbally at my girlfriend, Jennifer at the time. I couldn’t take the percocet prescribed by Dr. Ellis.

I was stuck between the pain in my knee and the thing I hated more than anything in the world, vomiting from the pain meds!

I was unbearable to be around and I remember a conversation I had with Jennifer later that year. She told me she had started taking the percocet herself, just to deal with me! Wow! How humbling and embarrassing that was to hear.

Lance worked with me at the time and had the same surgery (ACL reconstruction) 4 years earlier. I remember him telling me the problems he still had with his knee.

None of this made sense. I thought the surgery is supposed to fix the knee?

The pain pushed me out of my comfort zone. There had to be another way. A better way for my knees to be.

It’s interesting looking back at my journey over the past 15 years now.

My knee led me on a pilgrimage to travel around the world for 2 1/2 years looking for natural solutions to heal my knees. I came across lots of things that didn’t work and a few things that did.

If it worked and worked fast using myself as a guinea pig then it stayed with me. If it took a long time to see results, if any, then the technique was disregarded.

This program is the distillation of the past 15 years of travel, study, and experimentation on myself and 1000s of clients both in person and online. They’re time tested and you’ll see the results fast!

I’ve spent over 130,000 hours in the past 15 years of my life seeking teachers, studying, traveling, testing and starting the process over and over to refine this program. No expense was spared in obtaining access to learn this information. I used myself as a test subject first to see what results I got, then passed the techniques with the best results onto my clients for further refinement. It would cost over $750,000 to compile all that information in one place.

I don’t want you to suffer anymore. I don’t want you to have to suffer like I did. This is why I sat down and combined all my knowledge and experience in one place, what I call “Say No To Knee Replacement” and here’s what it can do for you…

“I started subscribing to your programme about two years ago and I said that I hoped one day to be able to play golf as many times a week as I wanted, and I wanted to be able to play ball with my grandchildren. NOW, I CAN! Last week I played golf on two different long courses (the 2014 Ryder Cup course.) Then over the weekend I played with my grandchildren: touch rugby, throwing a ball, kicking a ball and throwing a Frisbee. No pain, no aches, no problems.

I intend to keep up your exercise programme for the rest of my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.”

Graeme Scotland


Your Guide
to Get Out of Pain Now!


  • Walks you step by step how to eliminate knee pain yourself.
  • Gives you peace of mind to know when anything happens to your knee you have the tools to make the pain go away
  • Gives you the confidence to face any situation with your knee head on
  • It puts your body to work healing your knees so you don’t have to think about them anymore
  • Reduces recovery time after exercising or working out
  • Increases the body’s ability to heal itself
  • You get better results with your knees is less time if not immediately
  • The results are immediate. No waiting for days/weeks/months to see if my program works

So how does it work?

Let’s talk about your nervous system for a moment.

There are two aspects of your nervous system: Fight or flight (Sympathetic) and Rest & Relax (Parasympathetic).

When your body is in pain it’s in a fight or flight state and virtually impossible for it to heal. When your body is comfortable it’s in a rest & relax state and the optimum conditions are created for your body to heal your knees the fastest.

You might be asking yourself, “Yeah, sounds great but what happens when I get in pain again.”

That’s the beauty of the system. Your body is always changing getting more tense/less tense more pain/less pain. It’s not about being comfortable all the time but it is about finding comfort within the discomfort. Relatively speaking you are more comfortable than you were before. As you make this a practice your body begins to recover quicker. The time it takes for you to get into knee pain and then back out suddenly goes from Weeks to days, then days to hours, hours to minutes and pretty soon pain doesn’t exist in your body because your body has learned to heal itself as fast as it can.

The entire program is based on 2 primary principles:

  1. Your body has the capacity to heal itself if given the opportunity to do so, and
  2. When you’re knee is comfortable it can’t hurt.

This is a self-paced program both on and offline. You perform 3 simple steps twice a day

  1. Rate your pain level from 1-10
  2. Work with the corresponding modules (videos) for that pain level for 15 min each morning & evening.
  3. Begin incorporating these modules into your life every time you can.

It’s that simple and easy to do.

If you go out and golf, play tennis, have a stressful day at work or with the kids and your pain level increases.

No Worries!

Just re-evaluate your pain level again and start there.

The goal of the program is to teach your body how to be comfortable. If you’re body is comfortable it can’t be in pain. Pretty simple, huh?

Honestly that’s the most difficult part of my entire program is realizing it’s that simple.

Keep your mind in check when the pain hits, setup the conditions so your body can heal your knees, and focus on creating comfort where ever and when ever you can outside of the 15 minutes each morning and evening.

Don’t take my word or my expertise, or my experience helping thousands of people (including myself) to experience a life free from knee pain…

See if you can relate to Elena’s world of frustration. She hasn’t been able to run since 2005.

Why Do My Knees Hurt?

Let me ask you this. What is the source of the pain in your knees if nothing in your knee is broken or torn?

Tiny little nerves the width of an eyelash in your knees are being squeezed sending a signal to your brain that you have knee pain. If you get the pressure off of these tiny little nerves the pain begins to go away.

Essentially you’re creating “space” for these tiny nerves and for your body to feel safe, supported and listened to.

That’s it!

Remember it’s SIMPLE so don’t let your mind get in the way

You can do this, I know you can


I was diagnosed with needing a total knee replacement (bone on bone), in November of 2012. I was scheduled to have a surgery for a total knee replacement in February of 2013. Prior to surgery I decided to look at other alternatives and found Bill via a Google web search. I began having e-mail discussions and eventually a few Skype sessions with Bill.

Quite frankly, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was desperate and wanted to prolong having, or avoid surgery. I began his recommended stretching and strengthening exercises twice a day and began to notice a decrease in my knee pain within a week or so. I have continued these exercises twice a day for over a year now and I am virtually pain free. In addition to the exercises recommended in Bill’s program, I also rode a stationary bike for 45 minutes at least 4 days a week. Based on my success ( pain free), I would highly recommend Bill’s program to anyone having knee pain, and particularly to anyone diagnosed with bone on bone (no cartilage in knee), and are considering surgery.

Wayne Gallant, Wilmington, NC

Here’s what you’re going to get in the program:

Say No To Knee Replacement

  • Complete and full access to The Say NO To Knee Replacement online program. $497 Value
  • A copy of the Say No To Knee Replacement Workbook & DVDs sent to your door $697 Value
  • Knees For Life – Inner Circle (3 Complimentary Months in the Program) $297 Value


The Knees For Life – Inner Circle is an ongoing source of knee pain solutions and support from both myself (The Knee Pain Guru), past and current clients, and my community of knee pain followers on their quest to have strong healthy knees that last a lifetime.Which includes access to…

The Knee Pain Guru – Virtual Clinic
The Virtual Knee Pain Clinic contains several hundred audios, videos (and growing), and PDFs of solutions for knee pain as well as the rest of the body. As I work with clients, videos are added and the Virtual Clinic grows which has been happening for over 6 years now.
The Knee Pain Guru Knees For Life – Inner Circle Private Facebook page.
This is a members only Facebook page where you will be notified of events and videos posted no where else. Here you will also have the opportunity to post questions, share insights, and victories regarding your knees.
The Knee Pain Guru – Knees For Life Inner Circle Google Hangouts
I host two Google Hangouts per month where you interact with me live and ask your questions about your specific knee pain challenge. Only members of the Knees For Life – Inner Circle will have access to interact with me directly in these exclusive videos.


Portia, South Carolina 


Who the program works for:

This program works for people committed to being healthy and want to empower themselves with the knowledge and understanding of their own body on a deeper level. They aren’t satisfied with NON answers by “professionals” with “letters” after their names. They believe their body has the capacity to heal itself but just can’t seem to connect the dots on what they are missing preventing their body from doing so.

This program doesn’t work for people who are into drugs, shots or surgery as a solution for eliminating their knee pain.

What do other programs cost?

First of all there’s no other program in the world like mine so we are going to have to compare my program with other methods of treating knee pain that are marginal at best dealing with knee pain.

Prescription drugs:

  • Damages liver and toxic to the body


Painkilling shots – Cortizone:

  • Painful if they hit a nerve, are only good for 6 months if that, and you can only have 3 total.


Exploratory surgery:

  • Another trauma to the body and increases scar tissue in your knee making it increasingly more difficult for your knee to heal


Knee replacement surgery:

  • $65,000 per knee plus the cost of physical therapy, prescription drugs not to mention any complications due to the surgery hoping that your doctor lined up the knee correctly
  • It still isn’t addressing the underlying issue that created the knee to wear in the first place and you won’t be able to bend your knee past 90 degree.
  • You’ll still have lots of pain after the surgery and at best this is only a temporary fix because the replacement joint is only rated for 10-15 years and you’re doctor is hoping you’ll die before the joint wears out that’s why he’s waiting until you’re “older.”

What is the cost of not acting now?

You’re passing up on valuable years that you’ll never get back. Even the time you spend reading this is time wasted that could be moving your knee out of pain. It’s that fast and that effective!

There’s no risk on your part. If you’re not satisfied with the program then we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Make sure you’re serious about doing this though. Don’t waste my time or yours if you’re not fully committed to this program! It will work you just need to show up and make it happen!

You deserve to live the life of your dreams stop sitting on the sidelines the rest of your life because you passed on an opportunity like this.

Every time I drive down the road and see a billboard advertising how wonderful your life will be after a knee replacement. I’m sick and tired of the ignorance and arrogance of the medical profession NOT following the oath they take of “first do no harm.”

I spoke with an orthopedic surgeon once about my program and you know what he told me? “Well it sounds great but how do I make money on it?” So this jackass would knowingly keep information from you just to pay for his second house and boat in the Caribbean while you’re still sitting on the couch at home waiting for the pain in your knees to go away so you can kinda get back to your life.

Make no sense to me!

I lie awake at night with the frustration of this all so I’m out to prove all doubters wrong and make as many people knee pain free as I can in the next 2 years. Do you want to be one of them?

I want to give this to you before it’s too late. Not too late for me but too late for you!

I understand you, I appreciate your struggle; that’s why I’m here.

This is no time to be “waiting around” for your knees to get better with the doctor or PT waiting in the wings to get you into the next “pain management” series that has a proven track record.

The Rock Solid Knee Pain Guru Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied for any reason at all with your Say No To Knee Replacement Purchase, then no worries. Just let us know within 60 days and we’ll refund your money ASAP! That’s how DARN confident I am that the Say No To Knee Replacement Program is going to give you the CERTAINTY you need that you’ll be on your way to pain free knees in no time! My guarantee is doubly important when you realize that your doctor and physical therapist isn’t going to make you this offer!




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From me to you…

Time Is Running Out!

Face it there’s two things you have to take very seriously right now:

One: Your getting older

Two: Everyday you let this knee thing go the closer you’re getting to a knee replacement surgery not to mention all of the precious quality time you’re missing with family and loved ones because you’re afraid of how your knees are going to feel later.

Definition of insanity: Doing the same things over and expecting a different result.

“If you always do what you always did you’ll always get what you always got.”

That will take only minutes a day

How to get your body to eliminate your knee pain for you while you sleep…

How to get your knees to feel better without doing any exercise

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.

(The Knee Pain Guru)


P.S. – Remember order now and save 30% off of the normal price of The Knee Pain Guru’s Say No To Knee Replacement Program if you’re ready to end your knee pain today.

P.P.S. – My guarantee to you is this: you will get instant relief from your knee pain or I’ll refund every cent you paid. – Guaranteed!